Hey thanks for stopping by!

The first thing I always get asked is “How do you pronounce your name?” haha! I know, I know…it’s a weird name. I usually answer something like this : “Think of USA and just replace S with L and there you have it, “ULA”. Did this help? I hope so!

I am from Cyprus (a little island in the Mediterranean Sea). It is very sunny there and it has about 320 days of sunshine (awesome right?!) I grew up there and went to England for my studies. I have a BA in English Literature and I am currently working towards my MA in Humanities (Classical Studies).

I lived in Slovakia for some years and that’s where I met the love of my life. Pete is my soulmate, my best friend and I knew early in our relationship that I could follow him anywhere. And I did. I came in the US with him. We both love traveling, food, wine, reading and fitness. And he has a lot to do with WHY I started working out!

I was athletic back in high school but when i went abroad for studies I stopped exercising. And that was how it went for almost 8 years. I might have gone to the gym occasionally, or to a Zumba class but the excitement that got me there in the first place would burn out and with it my interest in fitness. I lacked discipline to stay committed and consistent and I would fail time after time.

I became a fitness ‘freak’, and a coach, here in America. The food is so different and eating out all the time took a toll on me, so I needed to do some changes. We started cooking at home and then I started working out. This time I stayed committed and I pushed through even when all I wanted to do was to just sit and do nothing. It might have taken a month or so for this to become a habit but after a while, I couldn’t not workout. I wouldn’t feel good. Weight started melting away and the sizes started dropping. I got toned and defined, but the biggest surprise for me was that I no longer had headaches and my mood seemed to stabilized. Depression…GOODBYE! I am happier and healthier!


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